Kiosk Refurbishment

Informa Business Systems offers Financial Institutions a variety of services. One service we offer is the refurbishment and maintenance of your Kiosks.

Informa Business Systems offers full refurbishment to ATM Kiosks and canopies. Whether its   dented or damaged, rusted, faded due to inclement weather or just needs a face lift for new   branding and imaging—we can do the job!

“What does your Kiosk say about you?”

It could be a potential detriment to business; affecting the outward appearance of your business and negatively impacting your image.

We offer auto-quality professional paint work, Kiosk wraps, touch-up, rust repair and new branding. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new Kiosk when we can update your current Kiosk or Canopy for much less?

Don’t replace — Just Refresh!

Informa will pick up, relocate, move and place your kiosk and/or canopy, worry free!


Here’s what we can do for you?

¨ Check roller wheels (due to salt & snow, rollers will seize up)

¨ Clean tracks    Paint / Wrap     Complete or Touch-up

¨ Grease roller system     Seal Replacement

Simply….We can add life to your machine!