NCR Corp Sells Its 50,000th NCR SelfServ ATM

It’s only two-years old, but the NCR SelfServ™ ATM has already become the most successful ATM brand in the history of the company. With the sale of its 50,000th unit, the world’s leading ATM manufacturer has reached an amazing milestone, and that is certainly reason to celebrate. To date, more than 680 financial institutions in more than 110 countries around the world have purchased the popular SelfServ ATMs.

The largest number of NCR SelfServ orders has been for multifunction units – ATMs with additional features beyond cash dispense, including intelligent deposit. By adding multifunction ATMs, forward-thinking financial institutions are differentiating themselves from their competitors by giving consumers higher levels of convenience and more self-service transaction options, such as bill payment and remittance.

NCR’s SelfServ ATMs include some unique features such as intelligent deposit, self-healing technologies that allow the ATM to recover from malfunctions automatically without human intervention, dual-roll receipt printers that ensure the ATM need won’t run out of paper and graphical operator panels that allow the bank employees to quickly and effectively perform routine maintenance tasks. All of these features help ensure NCR SelfServ ATMs are “in service” when consumers need them.

“NCR SelfServ ATMs are a proven technology that is already delivering results to hundreds of financial institutions around the world,” said Michael O’Laughlin, vice president and general manager, NCR Financial Services. “We are proud of what we have been able to do in only two years and look forward to the continued positive impact NCR’s SelfServ ATMs will have on our customers.”