Magner 75 UM Currency Counter


The Magner 75UM Currency Counter is designed for accurate high-speed processing, simplicity of operation and rugged reliability; and comes equipped with dual magnetic and UV sensor detection.


The Magner 75 UM Currency Counter with Combined Ultraviolet and Magnetic Counterfoil Detection with dual-head and dual threshold, is the leader in table top currency counters. This model has counting speeds of: 600,1200,1500 notes per minute, 3 digit batch display and 4 digit count display, variable batching 1-999, Hopper Capacity 500 circulated notes, and Stacker Capacity of 150 circulated notes, Density Setting is adjustable with 5 levers. Error Detection: double, chain half-note, jam, hopper jam, short count, open door and note in stacker.

Dimensions: 10.04″ (H) x 11.02″ (W) x 9.06″ (D)

Warranty: 90 Day

The Magner 75 currency counter is available in 3 styles:

  • 75 regular Model,
  • 75M with magnetic detection
  • 75UM with magnetic Ultra Violet detection