Magner Pelican 305S+Printer


Quietly perfecting the art and science of coin counting and sorting!

The Pelican 305S+ is unmatched for it low operational noise level and has standard features that are options on competitors’ machines.



Designed for ease of use in applications that demand high levels of accuracy and reliability with the lowest operational noise level.

Pelican 305S+ Features
♦ Easy to read LCD Display
♦ Function keys, program keys and numeric keypad are user friendly
♦ Counting speed is approximately 800 coins per minute
♦ Alloy sensor counting device
♦ Automatically sorts foreign coins, tokens, or slugs from the coin mix.


The Pelican can be configured also with the following options:
♦ A mounted inspection ray (capacity 3000 US dimes)
♦ A tubing drawer for rolled coin packaging
♦ A security bagging stand with manifold and five bags attachments (picture)
♦ An integrated 35 column thermal printer (305S+P)