Tamper-Evident Currency Deposit Bags 15″ x 20″


15″ x 20″ FRAUDSTOPPER™ Currency Deposit Bags features include external back pocket to hold Federal Reserve deposit slips and the clear bag makes contents easy to see.

50 per box – $67.35

100 per box  – $119.45

200 per box – $224.52







FRAUDSTOPPER™ Currency Deposit Bags are made of co-extruded recyclable plastic to prevent puncturing or tearing, the bottom of the bag is folded, not sealed, ti further prevent unlawful entry into the bag. In addition to the strong side and bottom seams, this bag has tamper indicators to prevent fraud. Each bag also features a yellow shaded area for notations, unique alphanumeric numbering to ensure tracking and prevent thieves from replacing the bag, and a bar code for scanning. An added pocket is perfect for deposit tickets and other important paperwork.

  • All FRAUDSTOPPER™ Deposit bags have level  4 MAX Security, the highest level of security and the most sophisticated tamper-evident technology.
  • Our proprietary manufacturing process ensures the tamper-evident indicators cannot be bypassed by heat, cold, saliva or seam tampering.