Cash Recyclers

NCR Cash Recycler

A more effective use of everyone's time
NCR Cash Recycler automates the acceptance, authentication and validation of bank notes while making them instantly available for dispensing to customers. The NCR Cash Recycler has eight Rolled Storage Modules capable of accepting and dispensing numerous denominations and multiple currencies. Designed to improve the productivity of the teller's role, the NCR Cash Recycler speeds up transactions, reduces wait times and improves customer interaction.

  • Increasing productivity
    Cash deposit transaction times can be reduced by up to 50%. Cash dispense transaction times can be cut by up to 40%. And the time taken for start and end-of-day cash balancing is reduced by an average of 20 minutes as well as significantly reducing the number of vault buys and sells.
  • Improving customer satisfaction
    Average wait times are cut by up to 50% with the NCR Cash Recycler, allowing tellers to give the customer their undivided attention rather than focusing on the transaction. Customers benefit from a more personal, as well as efficient, service, which is key to improving branch sales performance.
  • Improving branch security
    NCR's Cash Recycler significantly reduces cash exposure in your branch. Cash is stored in a secure safe with restricted access. All the counting and verification is conducted inside the recycler minimizing the time that cash is exposed.
  • Built for the branch
    Designed with today's space sensitive branches in mind and offering the best ratio on the market of a high capacity coupled with a small footprint, NCR's Cash Recycler is flexible enough to be used in any bank environment.
  • Industry-leading note detection
    NCR's Cash Recycler uses note authentication technology from global leaders Giesecke and Devrient (G&D). By using preventative detection, the acceptance of potential counterfeits can be reduced.

Key Features

  • Compact physical size and service footprint to allow placement without rework of branch furniture.
  • Uni Directional transport mechanism resulting in the lowest number of note movement turns in the market which maximizes uptime.
  • Unique continuous feed capability particularly appropriate for higher volume cash deposits.
  • Note storage mechanism can be completely wheeled and relocated for secure ease of service.