Turn Your ATM Into A Marketing Channel

Make sure you and your customers get the most out of every single transaction

Informa works with the NCR APTRA Promote transforms your self-service network into a powerful marketing channel, delivering high-impact advertising and promotions to customers and non-customers alike. Segment your audience to maximize cross-sales or boost new revenue from third party opportunities.

A unique opportunity

With ATM users paying full attention to what’s happening on-screen, every transaction presents a golden opportunity to offer new products and services to your customers and those of your competitors. NCR APTRA Promote takes full advantage of each opportunity, delivering carefully coordinated, high-impact marketing and advertising campaigns to segmented customer groups.

Different demographic, different message

NCR APTRA Promote allows you to segment your self-service users and deliver the most relevant promotions and advertising accordingly. You can identify your customers and your competitor’s customers and deliver the most appropriate message.

Different location, different message

NCR APTRA Promote allows you to deliver the most appropriate marketing based on their geographical position or the location type. For example, you can run different promotions in your off-premise retail sites from those seen in your branches. Or advertise one type of product in the cities and another in rural areas, depending on the economic landscape.

The right timing

Whether by season, day, week or even time of day, NCR APTRA Promote lets you pick the best moment to deliver the message/promotion of your choice, making it a very powerful marketing tool

A new source of revenue

Financial institutions and independent deployers can now take full advantage of their self-service real estate by offering advertising to third parties and dispensing discount coupons from the ATM’s receipt printer. NCR APTRA Promote allows you to measure the effectiveness of a campaign (and how much to charge a third party) by logging the exact number of times a campaign has been viewed.

Your very own advertising agency

For all its power and sophistication, NCR APTRA Promote is unbelievably simple to use. An intuitive Windows interface lets you select existing graphics, videos and logos, when you want the campaign to run and to which cardholders. NCR APTRA Exchange then delivers the campaign to your chosen locations.

Seizing the moment

NCR APTRA Promote turns your self-service network into a dynamic, high-impact marketing channel. It gives you full control over what campaigns are seen where, when and by whom, so you and your customers get the most out of every single transaction.

Key Features

  • Advanced on-screen video and graphics capabilities
  • Easy to design, build and manage your campaigns
  • Advanced archiving capabilities
  • Advanced preview capabilities
  • Easy grouping of card numbers
  • Uncomplicated reporting capabilities