About Us

When Informa Business Systems began operations in 1965, our mission was to serve the operational needs of the financial industry. Management believed that the total function of any business was not to make a profit for the owners, but rather to assist with developing a customer. Informa Business Systems quickly became known as “a customer-driven company” delivering high-quality products to banks and credit unions.

What We’re Not

We are NOT a subcontractor.

We are a full-service company that puts the wants and needs of our customers first when it comes to price, service, and quality.
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Informa Customer

How We See the Industry

In this industry, it is a world where convenience and customization are the norm, and customers come first.

It is about preference and presence, knowing what your customers want, and knowing exactly when and where to offer it to them. Informa can help you achieve this goal.

What Our Clients Say

Post Community Credit Union (May 2017)

We strongly recommend the services of Informa Business Systems provided by Al Alexander to all of our Post Community Credit Union branches. We have worked with Informa Business Systems for more than ten years and have had exceptional customer service and support provided.

Al Alexander has completed site surveys at all of our branch locations to better understand how our branches operate and therefore has provided efficient and effective services to us. He has also helped us enhance our organization by providing us service in areas such as imaging ATM’s, currency counters, safes, and pneumatic’s. We have all of our ATM’s and drive-throughs at Post Community Credit Union serviced by Informa and appreciate the company’s diligence with punctuality when we need their support during business hours.

I am pleased to recommend the services of Informa Business Systems based on the outstanding services provided at our Post Community Credit Union branches.

Alba McKay, Chief Operations Officer
Post Community Credit Union

Parkside Credit Union

“We are happy to recommend the CIMA 16 Roller TCR.  This machine is well loved by the staff of our highest volume branch.  The machine is easy to use and offers quick & efficient transactions for our members.”

Heather Colonius, Chief Development Officer
Parkside Credit Union

Chelsea State Bank (March 2016)

Our work with Roger Ferworn and his team at Informa Business Systems aimed to elevate our ATM support and maintenance while reducing the expense.  We were thrilled when Roger and his team assessed our ATM status and immediately put a plan into action to get all necessary patches installed and preventative maintenance work up to date.  Informa went beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which they accomplished our goal.

What we appreciated most about working with Roger and his team was their ability to cut through the politics of a project, keep everyone happy and deliver the expected results.

Michael D. Willis, Vice President & CIO
Chelsea State Bank

Community State Bank (February 2016)

Community State Bank had been working with an international ATM vendor for purchases and service, when that company failed to serve Community State Bank properly, the bank sought another service to step in and finish the project. Community State Bank chose Informa Business Services and since that selection was made, the everyday needs of our institution have been met.  Informa assists our bank with ATM maintenance for hardware and software.  Informa also helps in so many more ways than I ever thought would happen.  Informa fixes our drive through equipment, branch vaults and combinations as well.  They even did all the heavy lifting when we closed one of our branch locations and moved branch equipment to storage!!  I cannot say enough about the prompt and professional service we receive from everyone at Informa!  The sales staff, the help hotline and the service professionals respects the needs a financial institution has with regards to security and timeliness.  They keep us informed when a situation cannot be repaired right away by providing timelines for key events to occur and if a timeline changes, they provide new information for completion.  I am so appreciative of Informa for providing us preventative maintenance suggestions and they are always on the lookout for Community State Bank’s best interest to ensure our employees are able to serve our customers.

Adrienne Hanson, Chief Financial Officer
Community State Bank

First Federal of Northern Michigan

Ed and Kim, I want you to know how much I appreciated your staff’s professional work on our ATM install yesterday. We had the ATM up and running by 6:00 pm and no major problems. Please thank John, Rick and Kurt for me.

Susan Otto, Information Technology Services Manager
First Federal of Northern Michigan

Founders Bank and Trust

You should know that I do not pass out compliments like this unless they are truly deserved but I must say from my chair our installations went absolutely fantastic. Ted, Rick, John, Doug and Craig should all receive hi-marks for their professionalism, knowledge and can do attitude. As far as I am concerned they all deserve a raise (but I will let you decide that being that you own the company). Ha Ha

Anyway, thanks a million to all. As we move forward I will be getting with Ted as we move into the next phase which will be ATMs.

Frank M Lauto, Vice President
Founders Bank and Trust

Nissan Federal Credit Union

I would like to begin by expressing my appreciation for all the work not only you but also others within your company have performed on our behalf as part of the Tennessee Office. While we may not be the most memorable project you and your staff have worked on……I felt confident in stating we certainly have been one of the most exasperating.

What began as a branch office operation soon turned into an overly complex and very frustrating project. Much of the frustration was caused by the folks at Nissan and their rather interesting views on construction projects, and management thereof. However, not all of the problems are owned by Nissan….we also were able to add our own layers of confusion to the project.

Ed, you and your staff have been very patient and understanding throughout this process and when it came time to deliver the design pieces and equipment you produced a very thoughtful and creative product. The look and feel of the space came alive once the millwork and other equipment came into the space and it was very exciting to see the project come to life from the design drawings.

I have enclosed payment along with the invoices submitted and add to them my great appreciation for all you did from the outset to make this project come together successfully.

Larry Dodge, Chief Executive Officer
Nissan Federal Credit Union