Pneumatic systems

Installation of a pneumatic tube system saves your company money and time. Provide safe, efficient and reliable delivery of vital information.

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Open/Close LED sign image

LED Signage

LED signs are guaranteed readable, even on the sunniest days. Upgrading old incandescent lane lights to LED will increase your earning potential and save customers money!

Trans Trax®

Representing an evolution in drive-thru technology for financial institutions, the TransTrax® eliminates the outdated pneumatic thought-process all together.

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Night Depository Image

Night Depository

Our night depositories are resistant to “fishing” or “trapping” attacks for deposits. These can be purchased with a depository safe(missouri mule) attached, reducing total space taken up in an institution’s cash room.

Vision Window

Bullet-resistant windows provide maximum employee protection with reduced glare.

Vision Window Image
Deal Drawer Image

Deal Drawer

The deal drawer is a durable field proven unit. The design allows maximum package size using a small overall case.

Coin Counters

Allow your branch to easily receive loose mixed coin. Built to reduce noise, these machines make your branch a destination. Self-service machines are available with static or digital marketing. Self-service and back-office machines available.

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Currency Counter Image

Currency Counters

Informa Business Systems is proud to carry the leading product line in coin and currency counters. No one sells more coin and currency counting equipment than Magner. Informa is the exclusive source of Magner equipment in Michigan and Ohio.

Currency Discriminators

Count and sort mixed denominations of currency quickly and accurately. A variety of sizes available so your branch recieves the perfect solution.

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