The bedrock of Informa Business Systems.

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Our Service Team

When you call Informa Business Systems, only our own personnel provide the service, no subcontractors. Our trained service technicians and installation technicians are the reason we can guarantee your complete satisfaction.
  • Highly trained & professional field technicians who receive extensive training on all models each year.
  • Understanding your weather concerns within our defined territory of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.
  • Guarantee that your repairs are done in a timely manner. With a 4-hour window of service usually done in 3.5 hours.
  • A promise that you will always receive a live person on the other end of the phone.

At Informa Business Systems our policy has been, and always will be that we will be there for you before, during, and after your installation.

Highly Trained Field Technicians

Highly trained & professional field technicians who receive over 200 hours of training on all models a year.

One Stop Shop

One stop shop: In-house service and a rigging crew. No Subcontractors needed.

4 Hours or Less

Guarantee that your repairs are done in a timely manner. With a 4 hour window of service usually done in 3.5 hours.

Service Plan Image

Service Plans

Each of our customers is unique in its own objectives. Therefore, no generic approach will serve. We work to encourage an ongoing dialog with our customers, and through this method, we are able to:

  • Understand our customers’ unique objectives and areas of concern.
  • Resolve areas of discontent quickly before they become a problem.
  • Allow customers to go directly to top management for quick resolution of all issues–our size promotes this significant benefit.

First Line Maintenance

With this service, your customers enjoy immediate and continuous access to the resources they want. We will work closely with you to prevent disruption by proactively responding to any terminal problem. Our first line maintenance services include the dependable resolution of:
  • Machine out of paper
  • Machine left in supervisor mode
  • Out of cash or cash not loaded properly improper operational procedure issue
  • Alarm not set, tripped, security
  • No error code found, ATM running upon arrival

Second Line Maintenance

Availability is the key to maximizing your ATM investment, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. Whether we are diagnosing and repairing a down machine, replacing parts or updating software, our certified trained second line service technicians are trained to ensure your NCR ATM’s are up and running in the shortest amount of time.
Second Line includes:
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Repair at the component level
  • Application reloads
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Upgrades for ADA, PCI, and Windows

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance not only allows us to identify and correct potential
issues before they become serious problems, but also extends the life of your

Our preventative maintenance services include vacuuming the inside of the safe, cleaning and adjusting every sub-assembly, and running diagnostics on every device to ensure proper operation. We perform 4 scheduled Preventative Maintenance (PMs) on your ATMs throughout the year.


Software Subscription

Up-to-date software is essential to the proper functioning of any ATM.
Software Maintenance and Support Service provides total software care to ensure comprehensive and integrated support and maximum ATM availability. With ATM Software Maintenance and Support, customers get priority attention, appropriate patches and maintenance releases, guaranteed availability of technical resources and software installation.


Managed Services

Remote Management for ATM/ITM and TCR’s.
  • Diagnostic: Monitor, manage, and maintain your ATM’s and ITM’s remotely.
  • Security Plus: Protect your devices with trusted Application Control and maintain compliance.
  • Hard Drive Encryption: Lockdown your hard drive to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Electronic Journals & Analytics: Access real-time EJ activity reports.
  • Hard Drive Backup: Nightly image backups with ultra-fast recovery.
  • Marketing Screens: Deploy advertisement screens to all ATMs automatically, at the times you choose.