Informa’s customized solutions offer many exciting benefits to banks and credit unions looking to increase their revenue, grow their business, and improve efficiencies.

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Branch Transformation Services

Financial Institutions are under unprecedented pressure to maintain and increase branch profits. Maximize the profitability of your branch network by empowering staff by creating greater product selling opportunities. Modern machines provide extra security and allow for a more welcoming lobby space. Our branch transformation focuses on giving your customers and members access to you across multiple channels.

Kiosks, Mini Branches & ATM Enclosures

Give your customers and members access to YOU! Deploy a Mini-Branch at a fraction of the cost of a full branch. Establish presence, give customers access to quick cash, or gain insight on a potential market. Place a kiosk in high traffic areas for easy access to cash when consumers need it most.
Our Kiosk Refurbishment offers auto-quality professional paint work, Kiosks wraps, touch-up, rust, repair, and new branding. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new Kiosk when we can update your current Kiosk or Canopy for much less? Whether its dented or damaged, rusted, faded due to inclement weather, or just needs a face lift for new branding and imaging.
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ATMs and ITMs

Efficient cash handling has a significant effect on your institution. Increasing cash security or reducing human error has become easier for businesses to manage. Modern technologies make it easier for businesses to manage their cash and improve the overall process of cash handling. The right self-service solutions enhance service to patrons and reduce the burden on tellers. They are convenient, dependable and allow institutions to choose the features that work best for their organization.

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Banking Equipment

From currency discriminators to pneumatics and signal lights. Maintain your branch with the best systems available or update them to the latest tech.

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Cash Recyclers & Smart Safes

Designed for banking & retail markets that allow institutions to secure cash on hand while serving customers in a timely fashion. With flexible configurations and integrations to improve teller accuracy and efficiency.

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Self-service, digital and mobile banking offer your institution important capabilities to better serve your customers. How are you using software to better enhance the customer experience?

Teller Cash Recycler Image

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is essential for businesses, deterring theft, ensuring compliance, and providing evidence for investigations. It fosters a secure environment, instilling confidence in employees and customers through hardware and software applications.